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Whistles, Flutes, Bass

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Pamela Gillman has been involved in some sort of music as long as she can remember. With a mother who taught piano and voice, it was given that she would start piano at the age of five. She continued to pursue classical piano until she was 17. In high school she branched out into woodwinds and sat first chair saxophone in the high school band. She was also active in the jazz band and even sat second chair in the local University band during her senior year in high school. As an adult, she has moved away from the classical world and into the world of big band, blues and musical theatre. She has arranged music for several shows and played for numerous other productions including West Side Story, her most challenging.

Almost four years ago, Pamela decided to start Irish dance lessons. A love for celtic music and culture has grown to include wanting to participate in music again. In the spring of 2006, Pamela and her husband Mike were invited by Deb and Larry to check out the Cheshire Cat session. After a little lurking, Pamela purchased a whistle and began to learn to play. Very quickly, she decided that flute would be a great addition, and purchased her first wooden flute for her birthday. Pamela is a regular participant in the Cheshire Cat session and her varied background, multi instrumental ability  and new enthusiasm bring an unique addition to the Mondragon lineup.