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Bodhran, Vocals, Energy, Whoopin’ and a-Hollerin’
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With absolutely no formal musical training whatsoever, Drew brings an intensity born of a deep love of his Irish and Scottish heritage, history and culture. Drew spent the first 12 years of his life living between his mother’s native Scotland and the Irish-American enclave of South Philadelphia.  Both his parents were active members of the Philadelphia Folk Song Society and Drew spent a lot of  time at folk music gatherings where he got to meet and hear such Scottish/Irish /Folk greats as Jean Redpath, Norman Kennedy, Utah Phillips, John Roberts and Tony Barrand, and many, many others.  The family ended up traveling and lived all over the world but there was always music in the house.  Whether it was family, friends or guests singing and playing or the likes of the Clancy Brothers on the record player, it was just a part of everyday life in the Manion home.  Although at the time Drew thought all this was horribly corny and old fashioned these influences would be greatly appreciated later in life when Drew had a cultural epiphany and fell deeply in love with the music of his parents and grandparents.

On a trip to Ireland in 1999 Drew bought his first bodhran, with every intention of hanging it on his wall as a proud souvenir of the Ould Sod.  One day while tinkering around and playing along with a CD Drew realized he actually could play the thing and started showing up at various sessions and jams where he eventually met all the other members of the band.  Although he owns several other bodhrans, that first souvenir drum is still his favorite and most often played. Always ready with a song, Drew claims his heart beats to the rhythm of Celtic music, and this is often apparent in the energy and enthusiasm he unabashedly displays while playing.