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A Short History

The band Mondragon has been in existence since 2003 and has performed such places as the Colorado Rensaissance Festival, Conor O'Neill's, The Cheshire Cat, , Lonigan's Saloon in Estes Park, TheSilverthorne Pavilion, Snowmass Village, and the Durango Bluegrass Meltdown. In addition, Mondragon has provided music for both the Bennett School of Irish Dance and the Heritage Irish Stepdancers. Just recently, Mondragon has obtained the endorsement of Kevin Lynch, Her Majesty's Consul General.*

Mondragon is a collective of musicians whose roots delve into folk, classical, jazz, and rock, and it blooms with a style quite unique from the garden variety Celtic ensemble. The band is known to take on traditional tunes and flirt with dimension. Whether it be through a harmony or an unexpected turn, the result is delightful and often mesmerizing. Mondragon possesses a deep love for both historical tradition and contemporary style. The band is comfortable and affable in all venues, and its energy is downright contagious.

Mondragon just recently added its first two videos to YouTube. They were recorded at Benedictine College in Kansas, and Emily Dawson was featured. She has now agreed to join the band and brings amazing vocals and new instrumentation to the group. The videos can be seen here:

Dá bhFaighinn Mo Rotha de Thriúr Acu


* Yes, really!